SES Management Software
SES Management Software
Management, Monitoring and Reporting Software
for Supplemental Educational Services Program
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Management, Monitoring and Reporting Software
The EZSES software is a web-based software for data collection, managing and reporting for the Supplemental Educational Services Program under Title I. The EZSES software helps State DOE, School Districts & Service Providers to manage the SES program. The EZSES software manages the entire SES tutoring cycle from registration or enrollment to billing.
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  • Manage Student information
  • Review student progress
  • Saves time with electronic
    • Approval of Student Learning Plans
    • Approval of invoices
  • Improved accuracy in invoice processing
  • Generate reports online
  • Schedule students to be tutored individually or a group
  • Upload Attendance using Excel
  • Improves accuracy of invoicing, thereby reducing processing time by the school district
  • Create SLPs using State Standards to improve quality of tutoring
  • Generate reports online
  • Measure Vendor Effectiveness
  • Manage School Districts and Schools
  • Monitor and review program data
  • Generate reports online 
Biometric Time and Attendance
The EZTimeTrack Software

Biometrict Time and Attendance The EZTimeTrack software is a powerful biometric (finger print) time-tracking software for students and staff. This software works in tandem with the EZSES software to help your organization control labor costs by minimizing data entry errors. This software ensures accurate attendance recording for students and staff.
For Tutoring Companies
The EZTutor Software
Manage Tutoring Programs
Manage Tutoring ProgramsThe EZTutor software is a web-based software for large tutoring companies that provide tutoring services in one or more states. The EZTutor software is a standalone software for managing, monitoring and reporting of tutoring services for SES or non SES programs. The EZTutor software helps tutoring companies to streamline their operations and provide better quality tutoring services.
Why should I use the EZSES software?
District Coordinator“I can't overstate how much time and effort that the EZSES software saves me. Now we have student and provider data in one place that can be accessed real time….assigning students to a provider, approving student learning plans and monitoring attendance is done online. I receive invoices and supporting attendance online which cuts down processing time and increases accuracy.”

- District SES Coordinator
EZSES Brochure   To download the EZSES software brochure click here.
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